Accurizing the Smith and Wesson Revolvers

We are now bringing Smith and Wesson ,Ruger, Colt, and other revolvers up to match specs. We are Pinning non pinned Smith and Wessons,Rugers,ect. This makes for a perfect barrel, consistant in internal diameter from forcing cone to muzzle. We are putting in 11 degree forcing cones, 11 degree muzzle crowns, and tuning your gun to PERFECTION. Look at our results at A gun that will shoot under 2 inches at 50 yards with open sights is one every serious shooter should have. I can build it for you. We do the finest work humanly possible. We build guns for people that KNOW the DIFFERENCE. We understand the gun is only as accurate as the person shooting it. We provide a test target, fired at 100 yards with your gun. It must meet or exceed our standards of 3 inches at 100 yards, or you will not see it until it does.
All actions are smoothed,accurized to timing, and screws made to face the same way, so they can be visually checked for tightness. All checkering is sharpened,barrel aligned for center on sights,and EDMed for pin. All work done by a Master Pistolsmith.
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John Duncan President

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